{ Gambler of Fate } (inthe_cards) wrote in zim_icons,
{ Gambler of Fate }

It's that time again

Got some more ripping done! Now with slightly more Dib!! :Db
Only 73 for now guys.

Don't worry you guys, I haven't forgotten about ya. I'm going back through episode one and select others to get more shots of the requested characters. Until I get their requests satisfied, I won't be taking anymore cause I procrastinate like a son of a bitch. ♥


!! As usual, remember to credit me, please. ♥
You don't have to post that you took one.
Just paste <lj user="inthe_cards"> in the comment section when uploading an icon, and voila!

As usual, you're welcome to alter these for whatever purpose have you and use them for anything in general.
Since I am blatantly an icon whore, if you do edit it, I wanna see! :D
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Thanks. Snagged pretty much every one of them.
Ah, you're welcome. Glad to be of service. ♥