{ Gambler of Fate } (inthe_cards) wrote in zim_icons,
{ Gambler of Fate }

Ton of icon bases

So. I'm making a journal to roleplay Zim, and I have the Invader Zim box-set. I went through episodes one and two to do some ripping for facial expressions. They're free for you guys to use and alter as you like. I'm unloading about 100 icons, here. More coming as I rip more scenes. Figured as many icons as I found on LJ and use, it's about time I contribute back with what I can offer.

I just ask that ya comment or link back to me when using these as bases, or credit me if they're for your personal use as-is. Likewise, if you have any certain episodes you'd like some bases from, send a message. ;D

Again, just comment that you took one, doesn't matter which cause I haven't labeled them, and link back to my journal(inthe_cards ), whether you edit it or not. ♥
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