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Invader Zim Icons!
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Welcome to zim_icons, the community in which you can post your Invader Zim Livejournal Icon creation goodness!!!

This community run by your almighty lords and masters:
1. leonine
2. musical_sarcasm
3. gcpunkchick001
4. homestar

Please see this post if you are interested in becoming a maintainer here at zim_icons.

There are not many rules to follow. But if you fail to follow them, I will eat you.....either that or it will somehow involve horrible suffering of some sort. (Like..um...being banned without warning) Now, pay attention.

1. If you have more than 3 icons to display, PLEASE, put them under an LJ CUT.

2. Post your OWN work, please. If we find out that you are stealing someone's work under your name, you'll be banned. And that's no fun. ALSO: Dont post other people's work if you dont know who made it!

3. Make sure you post a comment asking permission to a certain user's entry if you will be using their icons. If not, then just make sure you credit them.

4. You are allowed post Jhonen Vasquez or Invader Zim related icons. If a post is found with no Invader Zim or Jhonen related icons at all, the post will be deleted.

5. DON'T PROMOTE COMMUNITIES HERE, unless they are Jhonen Vasquez or Invader Zim related. If you fail to apply to this rule, you will be banned without warning. Here's a good example of what NOT TO DO.

6. NO OFFENSIVE POSTS, PLEASE. No nudity, racism, phobic language (sexism, homophobia, transphobia), etc. You will be banned for this.

7. Other Invader Zim graphics are welcome here, not just icons. But if the graphic is more than 200 x 200 pixels (or otherwise, if the graphic is LARGE), please put it behind an LJ CUT.

8. Credit, comment, & enjoy!

Have fun, I command you!

Gir is Love

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